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Touch screen applications in real time

for sales offices, web and mobile


Your application will be available on TOUCH SCREEN station in your sales offices, on yourwebsite and even on mobile. Your future customers will have access to the project from anywhere in the world.


Your future customers will turn around the project and buildings for perfect IMMERSION. A compass will indicate north at all times.


Search filters allow the user to find housing of their dreams and see if accommodation is booked, vacant or sold, and all this in REAL TIME.





Urbania 2


Experience the touch screen experience that sells!


This application is one of our exclusive products and most advanced. The solution combines hardware with software to create a web site or local experience, memorable, lucrative and intuitive for all users.


This innovative and remarkably realistic solution can combine our products to provide the touch ultimate tool for entrepreneurs who wish to present their projects.

Le Central of Construction Junic


We have presented the future project, The Central with its park nearby. In real time, we are able to see which unit is available and the book.

Immertion perfectly in the environment and thanks to filters, we can find the perfect unit in seconds.

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